Bernofsky's reply to Luker's letter was published reluctantly and only after arguments that a response was justified.  That, however, was the last submission of his accepted by Gambit Weekly.

Eventually, the popular Vox Populi forum was reduced to Letters to the Editor, which then became an irregular weekly feature.

Clancy J. DuBos, chairman and part owner of Gambit Communications, Inc., is also the paper's principal political commentator. On June 16, 2000, DuBos shared a stage with Judges Ginger Berrigan, Joseph L. Wilkinson, Lance M. Africk and other speakers at a conference session entitled, "Ethical Considerations for Lawyers, Judges, and Journalists."  The conference was sponsored by the Louisiana Bar Association and held in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, in New Orleans [1].

In 2003, Berrigan, Litchfield, Schonekas, Mann, Traina & Thompson, LLC, the law firm of Judge Berrigan's husband, purchased a full page color advertisement in Gambit Weekly to announce that DuBos had been made a member of that firm [2].


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