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"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto."
-- Dorothy 

from: The Wizard of Oz

Justice as a Staged Illusion


Linda L. Kennedy

The court is like a holodeck, where nothing is as it appears. For those who have never watched the television classic Star Trek, a holodeck, according to this show, is a computerized program that can "reproduce" a place of paradise, a day in World War II, or whatever else the characters might choose to create. In the show, the hardworking spaceship inhabitants who needed a little "R & R" from the tireless task of captaining or crewing a spaceship would take breaks as we would take a vacation. These breaks, however, would be in a fantasy setting, "the holodeck," where the participants would become a part of the program of their choosing, like a game of virtual reality. Except for the person who designed the program, all of the characters on the stage of the holodeck were mere images, or holograms. And although everything looked real, it was not as it appeared.

Until this past year, I had not realized or connected the similarities between this fantasy holodeck and the shocking reality of our American courtroom, where, as in the holodeck, nothing is as it appears. But like so many other things in life, as one accumulates knowledge and uses one's own experiences, observation skills, and wisdom, and reevaluates what has been seen and heard, reality and truth become more clear. Much to my disappointment at this stage in my legal career, the eerie similarities between the runaway American courts and the fantasy holodeck can no longer be denied. The American courtroom is a holodeck, created by a legal aristocracy who will stop at nothing to keep money and power in the hands of a few "power-elite" control mongers. This Divine Right of Kings is still alive and well, but carefully hidden within the bigger holodeck called America, where, as I am still in the process of unveiling, nothing is as it appears.

Although we have been indoctrinated by our government-run schools to blindly believe that justice is to be found in the courtroom, the American court practices what I call "Holodeck Law," where nothing is as it appears. Commercial television has coined the phrase, "Image is everything." As long as the public is unaware that American justice is a mere image, the government hand will always be quicker than the public eye. Like the Wizard of Oz, who used smoke and mirrors to operate Oz from behind the scenes in virtual anonymity, but who was finally exposed for the fraud he truly was, it is imperative that the public discovers and exposes who is behind the curtain of our rogue justice system. To achieve this unveiling, I believe that "We the People" must become the Fourth Branch of Government and must collectively look out for each other's interests and provide the checks and balances our government was designed to perform, but which it deliberately does not. Hopefully, in taking this active stance, we will be able to restore justice, so that we can again be the master with government as our servant as originally designed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

What I now refer to as the "courtroom holodeck" is the scene of the crime, and the stage upon which this virtual reality is played out. Here, the judges and attorneys are all holograms (mere images of justice), all working within the labyrinth of the "Litigation Vortex."  Unsuspecting persons, who either get sucked into the vortex (unwillingly brought into court) or suckered into the vortex (thinking that justice would be received through the legal system) are real characters, but they do not realize that they are on the court holodeck. Nor do they realize that they are not being protected or represented as they were taught in grade school. They do not realize that nothing is as it appears.

Once you understand and accept that there is a Litigation Vortex and that you can either be sucked or suckered into it, you also need to know who the real enemy is and what the rules are so that you can survive, perhaps even prevail, when you are trapped in its clutches. Rule One, of course, is to realize that the Litigation Vortex does indeed exist.

Copyright © 2001 Linda L. Kennedy

The Author:  Linda L. Kennedy is an Attorney at Law, practicing in Portsmouth, Virginia.  This commentary is part of a series that first appeared in the February 22, 2002 issue of the J.A.I.L. News Journal and is reprinted here by permission of the author.  J.A.I.L. stands for Judicial Accountability & Integrity Legislation, a proposed amendment to state constitutions that would provide for special grand juries that would have the power to investigate complaints against judges and, where appropriate, fine or remove them from the bench (see: www.jail4judges.org).

Kennedy's active role in exposing judicial corruption led to her disbarment in July, 2002.  Her judicial reform writings were used as evidence of her "unfitness."  The loss of her license was appealed.


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