Administrators of the University of Louisiana
No. Term of
Name [A] Confederate
1. 1875-1884 D. C. Labatt Yes
2. 1875-1884 John Hanson Kennard Yes
3. 1877-1883 William B. Seymour Yes
4. 1877-1884 John B. LaFitte Yes
5. 1879-1884 E. F. LaVillebeuvre No
6. 1880-1881 Alfred Roman Yes
7. 1880-1882 J. Hampden Lewis Yes
8. 1880-1884 Thomas L. Macon Yes
9. 1881-1884 Albert Baldwin No
10. 1882-1884 R. S. Howard No
11. 1883-1884 Benjamin Rice Forman Yes

  1. Administrators in office in 1881.  Taken from data provided by Beatrice M. Field and Amanda R. Rittenhouse, POTPOURRI, p. 32, 2002 ( accessed 1/18/05.

  2. "Yes" listed only when documented evidence exists for service in the Confederate Army.  "No" means no record found.  Sources include: (1) United States National Archives, Civil War Compiled Military Service Records [database online] Provo UT, accessed through ( accessed 2/18/05; (2) Sons of Confederate Veterans, Louisiana Division (http:/ accessed 2/18/05; (3) U.S. War Dept., U.S. Record and Pension Office, U.S. War Records Office, et al., "The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies," Gov't. Printing Office, Series I, 1888; Accessed through Cornell University Library, "Making of America" ( accessed 2/18/05.

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