The Trusted Daughter of an Admired Colleague

Judge Marcel Livaudais Jr. (1925-2009), a 1949 graduate of Tulane Law School, was considered by then-attorney Ginger Berrigan to be "a role model for the way a judge should act" [1].  His daughter, Julie D. Livaudais, is a 1982 graduate of Tulane Law School [2] and a major Tulane contributor [3].  As a lead attorney for Tulane in Bernofsky's lawsuits against the university, she helped advance Tulane's position over strongly- disputed material facts before Judge Berrignan, who herself was a Tulane Law School adjunct professor.  Those disputed facts remained untried despite the pre-trial orders of Aug. 30, 1996 and Jan. 4, 2000.

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