Kathryn Lee Reily, a relative of 1982 King of Carnival, William Boatner Reily, III, became Queen of Carnival in 2002 [1-3].

Boatner Reily III was a major contributor to Tulane University [4], Vice Chairman of its Board of Administrators [5], co-chairman of its 1994 $250 million fundraising campaign [6], and the recipient, in 1995, of an honorary LL.D. (Doctor of Laws) degree [7].

The Reily ascension to royalty is well earned.  The Reily Family Foundation contributed $34 million to Tulane University Hospital and Clinic for construction of the Reily Foundation Pavilion which opened in 1991 [8,9], and it helped build the Reily Student Recreation Center [10].

All toast the Queen!

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