ROTC and the Military

The Battalion Headquarters of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps is located at Tulane University and serves student enlistees from ten area schools and universities [1].  Tulane is also home to the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps and its local affiliates [2]. 

In 2004, Tulane's ROTC scholarship program was $1.6 million — second only to Notre Dame's [3].

In 2006, Tulane recruited retired Navy captain, Keith Amacker, to develop a new degree program in homeland security [4].  It also entered into a partnership agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to find more effective ways for dealing with natural disasters [5].  The relationship will include scholarships to FEMA employees in the form of "tuition discounts," a strategy that has served Tulane well with Louisiana politicians [6].

Tulane's relationship with FEMA dates back to at least 2000, when it received a grant from that agency to determine whether its four residence halls — then designated as shelters — could withstand a category 4 storm [7].  In 2009, Tulane announced that it will receive about $95 million from FEMA in supplementary assistance for its rebuilding program [8].

In 2007, Tulane's Naval ROTC Unit hosted its 35th annual Mardi Gras Drill Meet, the country's largest collegiate military drill competition, with ROTC units from 38 universities participating on Tulane's campus [9].  The unit has operated continuously since its inception in 1943 [10].

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  2. In 2009, Tulane sponsored a Homeland Security Workshop on its Mississippi Gulf Coast campus in Biloxi [11].  Subsequently, Tulane announced a new program to provide master's degrees in homeland security on its New Orleans campus [12].  The program is part of a new Disaster Management Leadership Academy, backed by a $2.1 million federal grant and headquartered in Tulane's Payson Center for International Development.  Keith Amacker is director of the homeland security studies program [12].
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