In 1956, the Orleans Parish School Board was determined to use "every legal and honorable means" of maintaining segregation.  When asked if the board was planning for eventual integration in case the Supreme Court upheld the District Court's recent order [Bush v. Orleans Parish School Board, decision delivered February 15, 1956 by Judge J. Skelly Wright], Dr. Clarence Sheps, who was also Tulane University's Comptroller, replied "Absolutely not. We will not not integrate. We couldn't integrate even if we wanted to."

  • Taken from: Morton Inger, Politics and Reality in an American City: The New Orleans School Crisis of 1960 [Monograph] Center for Urban Education, New York, 1969, p. 17.  Inger's source: Louisa Dolcher, "A Time of Worry in 'The City Care Forgot'," Reporter, March 8, 1956, p. 17.