The American Bar Association

The American Bar Association (ABA) is a private "professional organization" of lawyers and judges, run by the most powerful interests in the legal profession, anti-constitutionally commingling private interests (rich law firms and their clients, special interest groups in the legal profession, etc.) and government power (that of the third branch). It has anti-constitutional privileges of writing model rules of conduct for lawyers and judges that include clauses that threaten careers of whistle blowers in the legal profession, and have been used consistently so. Even if this were not the original intent of those clauses — and I am sure it was — the squelching of dissident voices in the legal profession using those clauses has gone on long enough for the ABA to have removed them if the ABA cared about integrity in the legal system.

The ABA has over 400,000 members, most of whom are ordinary attorneys. It is a given that most attorneys suffer to one degree or another from judicial tyranny, which is a result of judicial unaccountability. The ABA is networked at the very top of our government. Nearly half of our legislators are attorneys, and the big law firms maintain power through the large corporations that depend on them for various reasons. Had the ABA represented the interests of the majority of its members, it would be seen at the forefront of fighting judicial unaccountability and, given its power, would have changed the situation on the ground in no time. However, in spite of all the headaches, misery and even destruction that judicial unaccountability causes the majority of its members, the ABA jumps to vigorous and unconditional defense of the judiciary each time voices of decency and reason call even mildly for judicial accountability. It has even formed committees "dedicated to the preservation of judicial independence," but which are nothing less than action committees for covering up judicial abuses and preserving judicial unaccountability.

The ABA also has a stranglehold on legal education and legal research in America. Its function for law school accreditation is anti-constitutional, and its role in grant distribution is corrupting and, given its agenda to cover-up abuses in the legal system, highly discouraging of legal academics to honestly discuss the state of the judicial system with students and in open forums. The ABA is a meeting place for the powerful, parasitic interests in the legal profession and the top judiciary.

A sophisticated person familiar with the available key information about the ABA cannot help but conclude that the organization pursues corrupt illegal agendas, and that the majority of its members have little say in what the ABA leadership does. Only a blind person would not see that the ABA is at the forefront of the defense of corruption and unaccountability in the legal system, and more sophisticated people must realize that it is a most indispensable element of the system of corruption within the legal system. Wherever there exists a legal system as corrupt as ours, chances are there is an equivalent of the ABA there.

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Circulated to the Internet July 16, 2005.  Dr. Jacob Roginsky is president of A Matter of Justice ( and can be reached at  The statements and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. Bernofsky.

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