Lawrence R. Velvel
Dean Lawrence R. Velvel
(Courtesy: Massachusetts
School of Law)


“MSL's antitrust case [against the American Bar Association] shows once again what may be faced by someone who dares to challenge the establishment.  The challenger may find that facts, law, precedent, fairness and reason are all ignored, and that judicial actions ensure that the powerful will prevail and the challenger will not.  This kind of one-sided judicial performance is a grave disappointment to those of us who believe that law and the courts should do better than this.  And this kind of sorry judicial performance, quite obviously, is something which destroys confidence in the legal system.”

From: "Challenging the Legal Establishment," by Lawrence R. Velvel, Professor of Law and Dean, Massachusetts School of Law ("MSL").  The Long Term View, Vol. 4, No. 1 (1997), pp. 10-17.


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