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The following letter was sent to Louisiana's 39 state senators and 105 representatives to remind them to take a stand on Tulane's legislative scholarship program, which primarily benefits out-of-state students at the expense of public education in Louisiana.

                                                Carl Bernofsky, Ph.D.
                                              6478 General Diaz Street
                                              New Orleans, LA  70124

                                                                                                          June 5, 2003

Re: House Bill No. 651 by Representative Gary Smith

Dear [Legislator]:

	When debating this bill to end the legislative scholarship program of Tulane University
and the tax breaks the school receives, you should consider the extent to which the State of
Louisiana has been subsidizing Tulane's research programs and employee salaries in addition to
its student tuitions.  All this to a private institution where nearly 85% of the student population is
from out-of-state, and which has substantial investments in out-of-state programs from
Mississippi to China.

	Tulane and its media allies now appear to be using scare tactics to dissuade legislators 
from taking action that would jeopardize the financial benefits it now receives from the state.  A
recent front-page article in The Times-Picayune heralded Tulane's "fiscal woes" and described its
threat to cancel its Division I college football program if its financial picture did not improve [1]. 
In a second article, Tulane denied using the threat of dropping football to assist its fund-raising
efforts [2].  The benefit that Tulane claims its football program adds to the economy of New
Orleans does not compare to the benefit that Tulane receives from the state.  

	At this critical juncture, I ask that you give serious consideration to supporting
Representative Gary Smith's bill, which would remove the appearance that the State of Louisiana
is giving preferential treatment to a private school to the detriment of its public educational
system, from elementary schools through its institutions of higher learning.

                                                                     Very truly yours,

                                                                    s/ Carl Bernofsky

                                                                     Carl Bernofsky
                                                                     Tel: (504) 486-4639

1.	Coleman Warner, "Tulane's fiscal woes not limited to sports," The Times-Picayune, New
	Orleans, June 1, 2003, p. A-1.

2.	Josh Peter, "Eliminating football is one option at Tulane," The Times-Picayune, New
	Orleans, June 4, 2003, p. A-1.

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