Scalia and Tulane

United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spent April 6, 2001 at Tulane University, where he was guest speaker at a forum at McAlister Auditorium and later was honored at a Tulane reception [1].  Scalia taught for four summers in Greece and Italy, including the summer of 2001 as part of the Summer School Abroad program offered by the Tulane School of Law [2].

The dean of Tulane University's School of Law, Edward F. Sherman, was delighted over Scalia's presence on campus and exclaimed: "We think of Justice Scalia as one of our own." [1]  Justice Scalia is assigned to the Federal Fifth Circuit, where appeals of Tulane cases are heard.

Tulane's love affair with Scalia is well known.  It sponsored him as a keynote speaker in the spring of 2004 [3], and during the summer of 2004, he will again spend several weeks in Greece at Tulane's expense to conduct a seminar course on the separation of powers [4].  The topic is interesting in view of the time he spent with Vice President Dick Cheney earlier that year, duck hunting in Louisiana [5].

The schedule of the Supreme Court, which is in session only 26 weeks each year, leaves ample time for these activities.  During the 2002-03 session, only 73 decisions were written, compared with 176 decisions issued during the 1976-77 session [6].  The reduced work load of the justices may reflect their reluctance to consider some types of judicially sensitive issues.


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