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Members of the House Committee on the Judiciary
115th Congress

Form of Mailing Address: The Honorable Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515
Representative House Office Building State Contact
Karen Bass 408 Cannon California Web Site
Andy Biggs 1626 Longworth Arizona Web Site
Ken Buck 416 Cannon Colorado Web Site
Steve Chabot 2371 Rayburn Ohio Web Site
Steve Cohen 2404 Rayburn Tennessee Web Site
David Cicilline 2244 Rayburn Rhode Island Web Site
Doug Collins 1504 Longworth Georgia Web Site
Val Demings 238 Cannon Florida Web Site
Ron DeSantis 427 Cannon Florida Web Site
Ted Deutch 1024 Longworth Florida Web Site
Blake Farenthold 1027 Longworth Texas Web Site
Matt Gaetz 507 Cannon Florida Web Site
Louie Gohmert 2243 Rayburn Texas Web Site
Bob Goodlatte 2309 Rayburn Virginia Web Site
Trey Gowdy 1404 Longworth South Carolina Web Site
Luis Gutierrez 2408 Rayburn Illinois Web Site
Karen Handel 1211 Longworth Georgia Web Site
Darrell Issa 2269 Rayburn California Web Site
Shelia Jackson Lee 2252 Rayburn Texas Web Site
Pramila Jayapal 319 Cannon Washington Web Site
Hakeem Jeffries 1607 Longworth New York Web Site
Hank Johnson, Jr. 2240 Rayburn Georgia Web Site
Mike Johnson 327 Cannon Louisiana Web Site
Jim Jordan 1524 Longworth Ohio Web Site
Steve King 2210 Rayburn Iowa Web Site
Raul Labrador 1523 Longworth Idaho Web Site
Ted Lieu 236 Cannon California Web Site
Zoe Lofgren 1401 Longworth California Web Site
Tom Marino 410 Cannon Pennsylvania Web Site
Jerry Nadler 2109 Rayburn New York Web Site
Ted Poe 2412 Rayburn Texas Web Site
Jamie Raskin 431 Cannon Maryland Web Site
John Ratcliffe 325 Cannon Texas Web Site
Cedric Richmond 240 Cannon Louisiana Web Site
Martha Roby 230 Cannon Alabama Web Site
John Rutherford 442 Cannon Florida Web Site
Brad Schneider 1432 Longworth Illinois Web Site
Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. 2449 Rayburn Wisconsin Web Site
Lamar Smith 2409 Rayburn Texas Web Site
Eric Swalwell 129 Cannon California Web Site
For the current Web site addresses of US representatives, see:
Help Balance the Scales of Justice!
Help Balance the Scales of Justice!

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