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Once citizens have surrendered their sovereignty to a corrupt judiciary, it is nearly impossible to retrieve it again.
Lawsuit Against Tulane University for Retaliation and Defamation
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Minute Entry Denying Plaintiff's Motion for Recusal

(Case No. 98-1792 c/w 98-2102, Docket No. 24, November 23, 1998)

NOVEMBER 23, 1998

DR. CARL BERNOFSKY                          CIVIL ACTION

VERSUS                                      NO. 98-1792
                                            c/w 98-2102
EDUCATIONAL FUND                            SECTION "C"

      IT IS ORDERED that the plaintiff's motion for recusal is
hereby DENIED.  For the record, the undersigned's only teaching
undertaking at Tulane University School of Law involved volunteer
substitute teaching a few classes for Judge Charles Schwartz,
Jr., which involved no compensation.  In addition, the Amistad
Research Center is a distinct corporate entity which is located
on Tulane's campus.  In any event, membership on the Amistad's
Board of Directors ended several years ago.  There is no basis
for the plaintiff's suggestion that the undersigned's
impartiality might reasonably be questioned by virtue of these
two circumstances under 28 U.S.C. § 455.

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