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"A lawyer must also act with commitment and dedication to the interests of the client and with zeal in advocacy upon the client's behalf."
-- Model Rules of Professional Conduct
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Lawsuit Against Tulane University for Retaliation and Defamation

Minute Entry Approving withdrawal of Counsel

(Case No. 98-1792 c/w 98-2102, Docket No. 32, February 8, 1999)

FEBRUARY 8, 1999

DR. CARL BERNOFSKY                          CIVIL ACTION

VERSUS                                      NO. 98-1792
                                            c/w 98-2102
EDUCATIONAL FUND                            SECTION "C"

     IT IS ORDERED that the motion to withdraw filed by Roger D.
Phipps and Phipps & Phipps is hereby GRANTED.  The upcoming
trial, pre-trial conference and telephone status conference dates
and all deadlines remain in effect.  This order does not affect
the representation of the plaintiff in any appeal.

     IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the plaintiff enroll substitute
counsel no later than February 22, 1999, at 5:00 p.m.

     A copy of this minute entry and order shall be sent to the
plaintiff, certified mail, return receipt requested, at the
following address:

          Dr. Carl Bernofsky
          6478 General Diaz Street
          New Orleans, LA  70124

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